The View From Inside

This winter has been particularly harsh, and because of that we are very thankful that we moved into our house when we did. Having spent so much time indoors lately, we’ve gotten settled enough to be able to finally post some pictures of the inside. Pictures below feature the living areas and beds/baths upstairs. I’m eager to post pictures of the entry hall, the mudroom, and the whole kitchen, but those aren’t yet camera-ready.


One Month In

We’ve been living in the house since the end of December, bringing nearly three years of planning and construction to a satisfying conclusion. We’re happy to report that all the benefits of Passive House construction are for real – the indoor comfort is truly remarkable, even with this winter’s frigid temperatures.

Any high-performance home project, Passive House or otherwise, requires a coordinated team effort to bring the building’s design to life and satisfy the performance criteria. It’s all about attention to detail. We couldn’t be more pleased with the collaboration between our architects at GO Logic, way up in Belfast, Maine, and our meticulous team of carpenters from Cooper Lane Builders in Stafford Springs. We’re proud to share their great work!

Snowy afternoon.

Snowy afternoon, best viewed at large size.