Final Frenzy

We have made substantial progress this month, but also have had a bit of schedule creep so it looks like we’ll be wrapping things up in December. Over the next couple weeks we expect the wood floors upstairs and the stairs to be finished. The plumber and electrician each have a few more days of work. Painting is almost complete. The building inspector is coming in early December to do a preliminary review for the Certificate of Occupancy. Below are some pictures from the last few weeks.


Yard Work

There has been a lot going on outside these days, too: the septic has been installed, the well lines have been run, the walkway from the house to the garage has been built, and final grading of the property will be finished in the next few days.

Inside Job

The approaching cold weather has made working inside a warm house a very compelling option for our carpenters. While there is still plenty to do outside, notably finishing the siding for the house, the interior is the big focus for us right now.