So Long, March!

Our under-slab insulation arrived yesterday, so we are ready to go! The bad news is that Mother Nature has not cooperated to this point with warmer temperatures to help dry out our field. Here’s what it looked like yesterday, with a bit of snow remaining in the southwest corner (the puddle in the foreground marks the low point on the property):

Still melting. Note the pile of insulation at left.

Still drying out. Note the pile of insulation at left.

We also closed on our construction loan yesterday. With our house, there are aspects of the design that are different from typical construction, including many of the materials: triple-pane windows from Germany, thick foam insulation that goes under the concrete slab, an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) that keeps fresh air moving through the house, and structural insulated panels that form the outside walls of the house. We’re purchasing many of these components directly rather than through our builder, and as such we need to pay for them in advance of their installation. Our lender, Rockville Bank, provided an upfront advance based on our existing equity; apparently this is an uncommon feature of most construction loan programs, and has been critical to our project.


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