Escaping Flatland

Our excavator, Joe, called this afternoon. Construction of the driveway will begin Monday. We had planned to break ground tomorrow, but Joe’s crew was shorthanded this week due to illness. Oh, and they have to dig a grave in the morning. An ominous start to the next phase of our project, but a start nevertheless.

Our hayfield, awaiting construction.

Our hayfield, awaiting construction.

The project’s first phase resulted in a design for an efficient, modern farmhouse that recently passed Passive House Academy’s pre-construction Design Stage Assurance process. While we believe the best thing for our hayfield would be to leave it as-is, knowing that the Passive House approach provided a path to minimizing energy use for heating and cooling as well as maximizing indoor comfort for our family made the decision to build seem more responsible.

Until now, we’ve experienced our house only through architects’ drawings, renderings, and computer models. We’re finally on the cusp of escaping flatland and documenting some of the journey here.


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